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Most often when one thinks of God or Heaven we look above the trees into the sky.  As if Heaven is above us and Hell is below us deep within the center of the earth.   Looking above the trees on my way home tonight I couldn’t help but be captured by the sheer beauty of the sun shining brightly through the foggy steam lifting off the trees after the storm.  The sky was so crisp as if someone, maybe God, had sketched a perfect picture of calm.

The trees, after days of drought and withering were in need of a touch of moisture or a drink from God.  Sometimes in life, when we can no longer speak for ourselves or drink for ourselves, it’s up to others to bring water to our lips and God to our heart.  Something I witnessed tonight in the baptism of my nephew.

If we take the time to look around we will see that God exists everywhere.  Even though what we tend to notice, more often, is the hell we are currently living in.  It is in the unexpected moments and in the unexpected places we will witness God bringing his love to our mind and body.  God will raise us up with unspoken words to answer his praise.   God will fill our hopeless hearts, dry our endless tears, and strengthen our stride so that we can continue to walk our path.

Yes, there is no doubt beauty exists above the trees, but there is also beauty below the protective covering that trees provide us.  The same can be found in the family and friends that witness a life handed over to God for the forgiveness of sins and the strengthening of faith.  Not only individually but together as a community over one who can no longer verbally give himself over to God.  As we witnessed tonight by the outreach of the body, God was definitely among us.  Reassuring us he had accepted his baptism.

I am not sure what will happen in the days to come.  I can only pray.  Pray for his family and all the people who have been touched by the life my nephew once lived.  Pray for his peace and Gods presence in everyone’s life as they continue to journey and look above the trees.

Luv, Luv,



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