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I’ve been in this hopeless place before
So I know what God has in store
For me to rise above the storm
For me to look outside the norm

I have been in deep demise
Wondering what God has in disguise
A lesson that must be learned
Overwhelming me with concern

I have been in this worrisome place
Wondering if God will give me his grace
Throwing me into a world of sadness
Praying I will get through all this madness.

I have been on bended knee before
Crying my pain into the floor
Begging God to just help one more
Placing my heart where it will soar

these hardship roads are not new to me

I am seeking refuge in thee

Giving me no chance to ignore
The pain the walks alongside me now

Is similar to where I have been before.
The hopeless nights of wanting more
I have been in this season once before

Where Spring begins to open ones door
To the warmth of the sun shines brightly

life back into you pores



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