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God is LoveI can remember a time in my life when things where so bad all I wanted to do was to feel better.   I wanted to know what it felt like to be loved, appreciated and accepted.  I guess part of the wanting is what made me into the person I am today.  A person who wants to make sure others know they are loved.  Not just any kind of love, but out of the blue, unexpected love.  I want others to know they are never alone; at least they don’t have to be.

In 2009 I began the process of sharing my life with everyone and anyone who would read about it and therefore I started Returning the Gift.  Returning the Gift was and to this day is not about making money, it is about helping others in anyway that I can.  I decided to share my struggles and victories the only way I knew how, from my heart.  Through this process my mission of Faith, Hope, Courage, Strength, Inspiration and most of all LOVE developed.

I have learned so much over the five years and with God’s help I will continue to keep my heart open to learning even more and sharing with you the heart felt inspiration to keep moving forward.

God provides us opportunities to get it right or to get it wrong.  I can’t tell you how many times over my years I have gotten it wrong.  But every now and then I open my heart up as wide as it will go and listen so intently to God that I get it right.  How do I know? I know because God shows me through the happiness of others.

When you are having a rotten day and nothing is going right.  The best thing you can do is give something good to someone else.  Give them a smile, a phone call, a card.  Write them a letter, bring them a flower, or feed them.  Listen to their story, give them a hug, or simply tell them you love them.

Rotten days can take up so much energy it is important to recognize it and flip the switch as soon as possible.  You can’t get far in life being stuck in anger and resentment.  I can promise you, you will get far with God.  So love like God does, or do your best trying.

Bring Joy to someone you love.  Surprise them with unexpected love.  You will be amazed at what God will show you.  It might not be in that moment or even the next day.  The Grace will come back to you in unexpected ways.  Isn’t that what makes it so powerful.  So God!

Luv, luv,



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