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I remember when our kids where born. I would go to their cribs and gentle place my hand on their little bodies as they slept to make sure their chest was rising and falling. Sometimes I would even place my ear next to their little mouths to make sure I could feel their breath against me.

Now I find myself watching you as you sleep. Your snore no longer bothers me. I could sit for hours and watch your chest rise and fall.

As the house settles in for the night my motherly routine begins. Checking doors. Making sure everyone is safe. My footsteps are now lighter as to not to disturb the sound of your rise and fall. As to not startled what has become the music to my soul.

The nights grow longer as I find myself seeking the beautiful sound of the wind that passes in and out of you.

My body grows tired each night as I struggle to listen and feel each breathe that escapes you. Closing my eyes and praising God every day for the beautiful sounds you are.  Great are you Lord!





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