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I always knew, from as young as I can remember, I wanted to be a mom.  I always thought I would have girls, but God blessed me with boys.  From the time they were born it would seem as if I watched them take every breath.  So innocent and sweet; I held them close, angleskissed them constantly, and took in every growing moment.   As toddlers I caught them when they stumbled and placed bandages on their booboo’s when I didn’t make it to them in time.  When they were scared I held them tight.  When they would fight their sleep, I would sing them “silent night”.  Most nights I would just let them crawl in our bed.  I stood strong when they threw temper tantrums and I did my best to always make them laugh.  I read them books, filled their bellies and said prayers with them.

As they grew older and stated to gain independence, I tried my best to give them freedom.  Most of the time, my love for them kept them in the room right next to mine.  Now they are teenagers on the move.  The temper tantrums are now discussion of “reason” followed by the typical response I can remember giving myself when I was a teen, “but I am me”.   It makes me nervous, but I know I have to start to let go.  I pray to God to keep them safe and away from harm.  As our busy lives start to consume our daily routine, I take for granted every day they walk out the door that they will always return home to me.

With each Sandy Hook Elementary name read out loud and each picture shown my heart aches for the parents as I am sure they too anticipated the return home.  I can’t even begin to imagine my boys walking out the door never to see them again.  Every tear I cry for the children of Sandy Hook Elementary is followed by a bit of rejoicement in knowing they are with God.

These children left this world in a terrible way and not by choice, but rest assure God was there instantly for each and every little boy and girl.  God swooped them up in his arms, held them tight and they were not afraid.  As we mourn their tragic death here on earth, they are in Heaven running, dancing, playing and making joyful noise.  Taking in the Grace of God, they see beauty as never seen before.  There are no more cloudy days for them, only warm sunshine.  There are no more tears, no more booboo’s, no more fear.  For them there is only LOVE.

God is taking all the LOVE we have for them as parents, all the LOVE we have for them as brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins and community and wrapping it all around them.  The Sandy Hook Elementary children can only smile in Heaven because they know they are God’s Little Angels watching over their loved ones here on this earth, patiently awaiting their loved ones arrivals.

There is so much work to be done in this world.  God will start by healing the brokenhearted and binding their wounds.  Overtime we will learn not to be afraid and we will just believe.  So much evil and sickness to overcome; that is why it is so important we live our lives with purpose.  Not an evil purpose, but a positive Christian purpose.  For the GOOD of others with LOVE!

My thoughts and prayers are with the parents of Sandy Hook Elementary.  Keep open to Faith because in time Hope will arrive.  With that little bit of Hope you will begin to have the courage to move forward, you take that courage and gain strength to see another day, and before you know it, you will have inspired us all.  From close and afar, we will continue to send you are LOVE!

Luv, luv,



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