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Today grief is overwhelming.
Eating at the pit of my stomach.
Tearing my heart apart.

My busyness, now replaced with loneliness.
Hours spent alone.
Finally allowing myself to grieve.
Doing nothing but sitting inside myself.
Wondering about. Helplessly.
Not knowing what to do. Feeling lost.

Filling myself with sadness.
Wanting so much to kiss your lips.
Feel your arms around me.

I want to rest.
Uncertainty will not allow my eyes to fall.
So I pace for your presence.

Reality kicks in.
Your children home from a long days work.
It hits me.
You are no longer here.
I see you within their greeting.

Tears flow from my eyes.
I hear about the day and I want to run.
Run into the other room.
To embrace you who is no longer here.

My head ponds with agony.
Tears continue to pour from my body.
My arms weak from reaching out for you.
My legs tired from the search.

I miss you. I need you. love you.
I can’t seem to see you through my tears.
I can’t seem to breathe through the pain.

My grief is heavy.
No strength to see tomorrow.
Yet I know you are with me.
You will bring me new light.
You will see that I smile another day.
You will continue to fill me up.
You and God will see me through.

Another day will come and go without you.
And I will still feel loved by you.

Luv, Luv,



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