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There has been a lot of talk lately on the news of sexual abuse.  People in powerful positions taking advantage of young innocent lives.  People might even ask, “Why do the excusers wait until they are older to make these accusations?”  Why does it take so long?  Why now?

Maybe it is because, the once young innocent voice, has finally grown up.

When a young innocent life gets violated they don’t completely understand the violation is wrong.  Parents don’t talk to their children about the “birds and the bees” until they are late teenagers, let alone talk about the possibility of a violation.

Even though the violation is happening, the young life feels, deep down inside, something isn’t right.  Unfortunately, they are powerless to correct it.  In some cases the instinct of this feeling will have the young life begging and pleading with their abuser not to be put into these situations, but the abuse continues.   The abuser has all the power and they know it.  It’s the knowing that encourages the abuser to continue their horrific acts.

As children we are taught to be quiet, listen and respect those older than us.  In most situations the abuser is older.

Adults can send confusing messages.  When a child speaks out it can be seen as whining or complaining.  When a teenager speaks out, they are being rebellious.   Young children don’t understand they are allowed to have a voice.  Sometimes the young life listens to the deep inner voice and speaks out anyway, but too often is not heard.   So the abuse continues.  The abuser gains even more power.

When the young child starts to mature into their ever changing body they become confused about the feelings they are having.  Puberty is hard enough on children.  Add sexual abuse to the picture and it gets even more complicated.

The teenager, once a young child, now begins to listen to the inner voice of the child that once was.  The process of knowing is starting to become stronger.    Knowing the situation isn’t right. Knowing things have to change.  Knowing their life needs help.   Maybe after talking about sex with their parents or other teens the realization of what has been happening to them sets in.  They know something is very wrong.  The teenager doesn’t understand it is not their fault and the gilt takes over.  The understanding of the consequences of their voice will impact on how they react.

The teenager begins to develop the courage to speak, but no one is listening.  The voice now becomes about survival.  A still ever growing voice is filling with gilt and unworthiness.

From teenager to adult, it will be the experiences along the way and the way one chooses to react to them that will either make the voice stronger or weaker.

The adult has complete knowledge and understanding now the abuse is wrong, but what does the adult do?  Nothing.  And even though the abuser has long since moved on, the abuser still continues to carry the power.

Until………………..until strength and courage step in and demand to take back the power.   The adult finds hope in their future through the power of prayer and their faith in God.  The growing voice has now grown into something more powerful than the abuser could ever obtain; the voice of knowing.

The abuser is revealed and the abused are set free.

When a child comes into this world the child is a new innocent creation of God.  It is the world around the child that has the choice to keep Gods creation whole.  But as life would have it the influences of the world slowly change the purity of the child.  But that shouldn’t stop us from wanting to protect our children and listen to the growing voice.

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