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When we wake up and remember
our past is going to stand up and walk away from us.
Life keeps moving and so must we keep our body in motion.

The images that once fueled our day
turn their backs and gently step away.
We will look behind us to see
the shadows slowly disappearing into the fog of the past.

We turn our heads back around toward the present.
We begin to notice the familiar routines and people
will now be memories of days gone by.
The love we once felt so deeply
will now be outside ourselves floating away.

We will reach out for that love.
Trying desperately to hold on
as it lifts into the heavens.
Reaching upward, the string of love
slips through our fingers.

Our arms will fall heavy
like branches breaking away from a rotted tree.
Looking down to the ground life seems empty around us.
The ground is cold and dampened from tears of loss.

How will we ever begin life again? How will we move?

We begin with small intentional steps to live.
Our feet may feel heavy
Dig Deep.
Raise them from the ground
move them forward.

With every step, we take into the future
we begin to see our present life has changed.
Each new day slowly begin to embrace
the sunshine and rain of change.

Some days will feel warm and inviting
other days will feel like the storm of loss is upon us again.
Don’t fret.
Our house can weather the storm.

The rain of change will cleanse our soul
The sun will shine tomorrow.
Your future is waiting to fill you up.
Let it give you a chance to love again!

Luv, Luv,



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