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Let my body go

and let me drift into the air

Let me blend into the ground

and show the earth I care.

 Remember me in all the good

and find strength in times of bad,

in Heaven we are rejoicing

and are no longer feeling sad.

I know it’s hard to do,

the letting go and moving on,

but let my body go

and soon the darkness turns into dawn.

 Thank you for giving me life

and for loving me as you do

though my physical is no longer here,

my spirit will,  for always, be with you.

 As your heart begins to ache

and the tears begin to flow

Remember the times you held my hand

and your courage to let me go.

 When you walk outside your door

and you feel the sun upon your face

Remember high above the trees,

I am with God’s amazing grace.

Let my body go,

and smile whenever you can

remembering I am with our Lord Jesus Christ,

fulfilling God’s amazing plan!


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