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love lordReligion, faith and beliefs can all be touchy subjects.  Put a group of strangers, friends or family all in a room and everyone will have different ideas of what those subjects mean to them. Even people raised within the same church or same religion will see and experience things differently.  It is one of the things that fascinate me the most about this journey we are all on and why I continue to be open to hearing about the experiences and beliefs of others.

I cannot say at any given time my faith is perfect.  Most of the time I believe it is far from it.  All I can do is try and keep my heart open, be willing to listen, and witness the love in others.  Who’s to say that what one person believes could not change my life.  I believe it can.  What I once believed as a teenager is not my belief today.  My hope is that as I continue on my journey to God, what I believe today will continue to change and develop in the years to come.

Yes I have a religious background. Shoot I even have a religious degree.  But what does that all really mean?  I grew up in the Methodist church and after I got married I converted to Catholicism, but if you needed to put a title on me to define what I am, I would tell you I am a Christian.  Not a perfect Christian, but an ever growing, always seeking, most of the time try to be a loving faithful person.  I would tell you I am flesh and blood, living on this earth learning about the Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Yahweh, Abba, God, Jesus, Lord and Savior.  Something that is so far reaching I cannot put my hands on all of it, but have been able to see and touch the beauty created.

Could I be a better Christian?  Yes every day!  Could I read the bible more?  Yes.  Could I do more in my Church and Community? Yes.  Could I attend church more?  Yes. Could I pray more and praise God more?  Most definitely!   There are so many more things I could do to become a better Christian, a better Catholic, a better person.  But all I can do is continue to evolve and LOVE the Lord the only way I know how.


Luv, luv,



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