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Thanks to my brother for hanging and placing such beautiful things in my office, this is what I see everyday.  I look up to the corner of the room and I am reminded of God’s  Amazing #LOVE!

It is a daily reminder of the amazing LOVE God has for us.  Not the individual hate we have for one another, but an Amazing LOVE God has for each and every one of us.

Amazing LOVE, Amazing GRACE.

Upon that Cross, He Took My Place.   Amazing Love

That tree of pain held him til death,

it pierced though him til his last breath.

#FORGIVENESS Flowed like falling rain,

you could see God’s LOVE all through the pain.

A crown of thorns upon God’s head, inflicted pain on him instead.

Amazing LOVE, Amazing GRACE.  Upon that Cross, He took Our Place.

How do we begin to tear down the walls of hate?  By loving each other, one day at a time!

Luv, luv,





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