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Painful Past

We wish to have the words to say

About all the hurt brought our way

For all the pain among one’s past

And all the suffering which seems to last


It’s not our choice to leave this world

Or our let our choices become unfurled

To leave behind the pain one gave

To neglect the way one misbehaved


Look for the courage to speak your truth

Of days gone by of a painful youth

And hope your message will soon be heard

So your distant future will not be blurred


A painful past is not the way

To live among your final days

So take the time to look deep within

And let the healing of life begin


In hopes, others can learn beyond

The fear which stops our chance to bond

The prayer to find JOY in the coming days

Is the choice one makes to find one’s way


To leave behind a painful past

And let LOVE be what will forever last

Luv, Luv,



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