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When you feel surrounded with Joy and Grace.

Remember the smile on Tony boy’s face.

When you feel the sun upon your skin.

Remember the strength he had within.

When you take some time to sit and pray.

Remember the years you watched him play.

When you fill with tears and lost all Hope.

Remember the words of God he spoke.

When your heart aches for just one more day

Remember his “Yucks” have gone away.

When you believe he is in a better place.

Remember his hugs and warm embrace.

When you feel like life just isn’t fair.

Remember the ones who love and care.

Tony’s work on earth has just begun,

He is in heaven with the father’s son.

When you feel an Angel from the heaven’s above.

Remember Tonys’ gift of Courage and Love!

Tony inspired us all to pray, hope and believe,

with the spirit of a warrior we all could see.


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