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Every time I see a sunflower,

I will think of you.

Your tall course stalks,

Standing among deep skies of blue.

Large bristly leaves,

With bold emerald greens.

Tough and easy to grown,

Sheltering us from what seems.

Your bright yellow petals,

And your deep rooted seeds,

Your daisylike flowered face,

Smiling to meet our needs.

Looking at your center,

Knowing how strong you are,

Binding us all together,

Whether near or far.

Dropping seeds one by one,

Falling down your stalk,

Planting love you have for us,

Among the grounds we walk.

You are beauty among many,

Even more attractive when alone.

You wondrous beautiful flower

Who makes our fields a home.

Luv, Luv, Gail Kautzmann,



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