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Returning the Gift

The little girl under the bed

The little girl under the bed If I could speak […]

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The little girl under the bed

If I could speak to the little girl hiding under the bed,

I would clear my energy of all negative thoughts.

I would quietly walk into the room where she hid.

I would carefully approach the side of the bed.

Ever so slowly, I would kneel and lay next to her on the floor.

I would say to her softly, calmly, “I will not hurt you.”

I am only here to comfort, love, and protect you.

I know you might not understand what that means.

Please let me show you, sweet child.

Side by side on the cold wooden floor.

Shoulders next to one another.

I slowly open my hand and slide it across the floor to hers.

And I wait.

The little girl curiously puts her soft, chubby hand into mine.

I fold my fingers over her hand to bring her comfort.

We remain still and stare into each other’s deep brown eyes.

Her restless little body begins to give way to giggles.

And so she asks, “Why are you here? Are you hiding from someone, too?”

No, I tell her, I am done hiding.

I am here to share your life with you.

You are safe with me.

I am you many years from now.

I am here to tell you I love you.

I know you are scared now and will continue to find hiding places.

Those who are supposed to love and protect you will fail.

Please forgive them.

You will feel hopeless at times.

You will feel unworthy of life.

When you do, fold your hands together, look up to the sky, and ask for help.

Be prepared to do this often.

Never let anyone take the deep brown soul out of your big, loving heart.

Do your best. Failing is ok. Never use anyone else’s perception to get to know someone.

Always remain kind, forgive every day, and love like there is no tomorrow.

I know you are just a little girl hiding under a bed.

Someday, you will be a Warrior.

Your experiences will make you beautifully Mosaic.

Never forget how much I love you!


Luv, Luv,



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