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Pacing back and forth in the dark, room to room.
I know the layout so well.
I could walk it in my sleep.

We raised our boys here.
Late-night swims in the pool and back yard parties.
Countless people have come through this house.

You grew up here.
We grew up here.
Our sons grew up here.

Project after project we did together.
I tore down.
You put back better than I could have ever imagined.
So many memories.
So much growing, learning and trusting.
So much love.

Now it’s just quiet.
Each room empty and full of memories.
Every wall could tell a story.
Every door opened and closed brought life into this house.

Remembering when I could hear your rhythm.
In the early years, it would keep me awake.
In those last months, it was a sound I looked forward too.
A sound I was thankful for.
Now, these walls long for your sound.

Outside this house, life keeps moving.
My heart keeps beating.
My lungs still fill with air.
I am still alive.

Yet at times, inside this house,
a part of me feels like time is standing still.
Like I can’t breathe without you.
This house no longer feels the same.
It no longer has you.

It’s time.
To let someone else know how much faith has seeped deep into its foundation.
To know how strong one can be if you have good walls.
To know with every door closed, someone will open them back up.
To let the light shine through your windows.
To take shelter from any storm.

To know…..This house was love!

Luv, luv,



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