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In April of 2008, I created Returning the Gift with a mission of making a difference in the world through Faith, Hope, Courage, Strength, Inspiration, and most of all Love.  I hope over the past thirteen years I have done this for you.  I still live by this today and will continue to do so as life continues to shift.

Isn’t that what life does to us?  Shifts when we least expect it? Life throws us all kinds of stuff.  It challenges us, rewards us, and then challenges us some more. Life blesses us each day and if we allow it, life shows us, love.

After losing my husband John in April 2018 I needed time to figure things out.  Time to grieve, time to explore, and time to learn how to live again. I was very fortunate, that in the process of it all, I met someone who was going through the same challenges as I was.  Together we loved each other through it and continue this journey today.

During the process, I wrote a poem (I will share it in a separate post) called Mosaic Warrior.  The words have stayed with me since his passing. This year, after feeling more settled in our new home, the words kept running through my mind.  I felt a strong spirit moving through me I hadn’t felt in a while. I missed that spirit.

Somewhere in all the loss, I was missing my faith, I had lost hope, my courage had diminished, my strength had weakened, my love was different.  The strong determination to stretch myself, learn something new, and love freely is starting to return. My heart is beating to a new rhythm of a Mosaic Warrior. It is time to start growing again.

In July of this year, I began the journey of training to become a Holistic Life Coach through Radiant Coaches Academy.  I also stretched in other areas of emotional intelligence and met some really great people who stretched me in directions I never thought I would go.  In December of 2021, I earned my certification.

In 2022 I will continue to work on my International Coaching Federation (ICF) credentialing. I will also launch Mosaic Warrior, LLC (Life Coaching and Consulting) in January.  Returning the Gift, LLC is NOT, I repeat not going away.  I am still a Web Designer and welcome any and all work. I will just be adding Coaching to my resume.  Please keep watch to see What’s Next!

Luv, luv,

Julie 💙


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