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Where did you go?

When I was the party, you attended.

Now that I can’t afford the party, you have decided not to invite me to yours?

I have always fed you, clothed you, and gave you whatever I had.

Now that I have nothing to give, you don’t care about my needs?

I dropped you notes of appreciation, brought you fresh flowers and homemade desserts.

Now you no longer have an appetite for friendship?

I spent countless nights listening to you, giving you support, always taking you in.

Now when I need you to listen to me, you are no longer answering the phone?

I let you steal from me, lie to me and talk behind my back, yet I still let you into my heart.

Now your heart is closed off to mine?

I was good enough when I made enough.

Now that I am poor, you choose not to associate with me?

  When I played your kind of music, you danced with me.

Now that I dance for God, you have left the dance floor?

I was your friend before I knew God.

Now that I am your faith filled friend you can no longer know me?

I have always been there for you and always will be in the future.

Now why are you not here for me?

Is it because I choose God, Love and You,

Can I not have all three?

Where did you go?


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