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God created the heart.
With Gods help; your father and I created YOU.
We worked hard to build a foundation for your heart to grow.Your heart beats within your house
And now your heart beats in its own house.
Beating to its own tune.
I know you feel like your house has been hit by a storm.
And it has.
Just remember who helped create your foundation
and you will embrace just how solid it is.

One day you will add rooms to your heart.
Some big and some small.
At times those rooms will feel empty.
Other times they will feel full.

Never stop trying to fill your house up.
Paint your heart with beautiful colors.
Fill your heart with everlasting memories.
Plant love and kindness all around.
Just never forget the foundation.
Remember he lives inside you.
Let his memories help you to build your heart.

Because even during a storm, your heart still beats.
It’s Gods way of letting you know you are still alive.
You have weathered the storm.

Luv, Luv,



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